About Us


Established in October 2015, Mon Ami Dolls in Sugar Land, Texas sells realistic dolls, including baby dolls, as well as a large selection of accessories. It is our goal to create a unique, fun experience for young girls by engaging them in an interactive series of activities, from selecting a doll that looks like them, to picking a name, outfit, and furniture for their new friend.

We have partnered with top-notch manufacturers in the global market to ensure that we offer only the highest quality products, made with the most exceptional craftsmanship. As a faith-based business, not only are we passionate about making little girls happy with a doll that resembles them, we also want to give back by donating a portion of our profits to less fortunate children.

Mission Statement
The mission of Mon Ami Dolls is to bring glory to God through engagement of young girls of all races and selling of high quality doll products and accessories to bring joy to young girls. We use a part of our profits to give dolls and accessories to needy children, and children in hospitals.